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First off, in an effort of authenticity and transparency I would like you to know... I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far in my life, but I constantly struggle with feeling never fully satisfied so I am always looking for a new challenge, adventure, or goal to work towards. I have also chosen a nontraditional lifestyle and have fairly radical beliefs compared to the average American thus I struggle with trying to not compare myself with my peers. I have always felt that I have an enormous amount of love to give, and I feel that I have a greatness within me that hasn't reached the surface yet, my full potential not yet realized. This uncertainty makes me anxious yet excited. I know my journey is on a different trajectory and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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As for more specifics about myself, I'm from a small town in Alabama and I studied at The University of Alabama while competing as an elite athlete on the NCAA Division I Women's Rowing team. After graduating with a business degree in international management with minors in environmental studies and Italian I drove to Alaska and started my nomadic, seasonal-working life.

Over the past 9 adventurous years I've thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, the Long Trail in Vermont, the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. I've cycled the 440-mile Natchez Trace and 300 miles of the Arizona Trail. I've kayaked most of the Suwannee and Elk Rivers in Florida and Tennessee and most recently rowed the entire Mississippi River from Source to Sea. I’ve dabbled in the ultrarunning scene and have completed a 50k race. My adventures don't always go smoothly; some of my most terrifying adventure moments took place on an exploratory packrafting expedition in remote Katmai National Park in Alaska. Along with my travel partner Simyra, we became the first ones ever to circumnavigate Kaguyak Crater Lake by packraft as well as packraft Big River. Then just a few weeks later I found myself caught in a flash flood in Utah’s Paria Canyon. I have done most of my trips and adventures solo, but I always have support from my family for which I am eternally grateful.

With the goal of personal growth rather than career focused, I received a masters degree in Sustainable Communities from Northern Arizona University and afterwards interned and volunteered with Earthship Biotecture building off-grid autonomous homes. I've traveled to over 15 countries, and I've worked all across the country including a bear viewing company in Alaska, ski resorts in Oregon, Arizona, and Colorado, as a ridgerunner on the Appalachian Trail, a graduate assistant, a runner for ESPN at the US Open in NYC, and a U.S. Forest Service visitor information assistant. I operate a small online business (Bungalow) and hope to start several other businesses in the future. I am a published writer with my masters thesis and articles found online at theTrek.co. and in the Alabama Living magazine (portfolio & press page). I'm a voracious reader and would love to author a book one day.

I think it also important to mention that I am able to live this exciting wandering life because I made the intentional choice of working less and making little money, in turn giving me the freedom to move about and go on adventures. I am also privileged to be debt-free. Since I live under poverty level I make it a mission to live a frugal life with few material possessions, and I've found this has not limited me by any means. This choice is also in-line with my beliefs and values of living lightly on this planet rather than an all-consuming, materialistic lifestyle. I recognize that I am far from perfect in this sense, as there are always ways to improve. And that is how I see my life's journey--to continually be moving in the direction of becoming the person I want to be by honing in on my talents to make life more efficient and productive, facing fears and taking risks, learning and challenging my beliefs thus growing from acquiring knowledge, and holding myself highly  accountable when it comes to my actions reflecting my, sometimes extreme, values and views.

Yet all experience is an arch
Gleams that untravled world
whose margin fades
Forever and forever when I
How dull it is to pause, to
make an end,
To rust unburnished, not to
shine in use!
As though to breathe were life!
— Alfred Tennyson

Just as I tell everyone I become friends with, my ultimate goal in life is to live an environmentally low-impact, intentional lifestyle growing my own food and building an off-grid home as well as traveling around the world meeting people and learning about other cultures, challenging myself both physically and mentally, helping others, and actively pursuing my happiness.



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