Where in the World is Sara?
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Where in the

World is Sara?

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Sara shares the gear she's taking on her Camino Portugues section hike in Portugal/Spain in May 2019 (& 3 months in Europe).

Sara offers up an alternative to vanlife by sharing how she car camps in her small Toyota Corolla, her camperolla.

Sara shares some tips from her 4 Week Road Trip #carcamping in a small sedan she calls her #camperolla. She discusses house sitting, car camping in cold conditions, and going without a shower.


Sustainable Living

I strive to live an environmentally low-impact, intentional lifestyle, and I've compiled some tips to share.



From walking in the snow-covered Himalayas to biking through the deserts of Arizona to rowing the chocolate-colored waters of the mighty Mississippi, I've traversed many states and countries human-powered.


Gear Lists & Reviews

I've gained much experience and wisdom from my many backpacking adventures and trips abroad and thus have organized detailed gear lists for my trips. I also provide reviews of my gear.



Over a dozen countries around the world spanning four

continents and countless life-changing memories.


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Check out my published writing, photography, and videos.