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I bought these for my job working all day outside at a ski resort. I also needed them for skiing. I was told mittens are warmer than gloves because your fingers can touch. One of the requirements for new gloves/mittens was to have a wrist leash. I'm always worried when I take my gloves off on the ski lift that they are going to fall off, which they have before, so this leash is great. These are my first pair of mittens and I am enjoying them. They keep my hands very warm while I work all day outside in 30 degree weather.



I purchased (summer 2016) this pillow after long consideration and talking with other hikers on the Appalachian Trail. I always used my clothes bag as a pillow, on my thru hike and ever since. However, I found that I couldn't get comfortable and I couldn't sleep well cause I was constantly adjusting the clothes bag. The clothes bag was lumpy, smelled bad from my dirty clothes, the material of the bag would stick to my face, and lastly when I wasn't carrying many clothes there wasn't anything in the bag. So I talked to several hikers about what kind of pillows they use and the majority was Sea to Summit. I saw hikers carry big ones, small ones, and soft ones. I knew I didn't want a big one and I wanted one with soft fabric. So I went to the closest REI and picked the Aeros, regular size. My review: it's great! It's the perfect size and even has a curve to fit my neck. The softness is nice and cozy on my cheek. The inflation and deflation process is super fast and efficient. I like how you can inflate it as much as you want. For instance, I used it while using my hammock and deflated the pillow slightly which made it much easier to use while in the hammock. The only scare was when I washed it (cold water) and went to blow it up the first time and it didn't blow up in the right shape. I recently washed it again and didn't have that problem. All in all, I highly recommend the Sea to Summit Aeros regular pillow. When you're hiking all day you need to get lots of rest, and I can sleep much better with this pillow.

Specs: weight-2.8oz, price ~$43, inflates to 5in thick.


MONTBELL superior down parka- women's

I bought this jacket because I love my Montbell sleeping bag (see review -->) and I figured I would love their jackets. I'm still testing it out. I love the color and I like the diamond baffles because they're different than the normal puffy horizontal baffles.


montbell down hugger 650 #0

Probably top 5 favorite purchases I've ever made. Sleeping in this bag is like sleeping in a cloud. I normally toss and turn all night and this bag doesn't get me all twisted up due to their warped seam lines. I sleep cold so I wanted to get a very warm bag for nights in the 20s and 30s; this bag does the trick. I bought this specifically for my Long Trail thru-hike in 2016.